Louie Montoya

Experience Designer

Louie's post-colonial studies opened his world to the power of stories to change systems. Because of his interest in the effects of institutionalized racism on culture, he seeks to open more lines of communication between individuals through human-centered design and learning. 

During his research, Louie was inspired by the voices of teachers, which led him into the classroom of a working-class middle school in Rhode Island. While substitute teaching, he was invigorated by the dialogues between students and teachers about the future of education and the room for innovative change. He hopes to empower individuals by putting students' stories at the forefront of the education debate. 

As a military brat, Louie grew up all over the world, igniting his love for cultural diversity and the celebration of different perspectives. As a visual artist, he uses cartoon-like imagery to explore societal realities. His interests and talents span from community organizing to cooking, and his love for people, culture, and creativity are at the heart of his endless desire to learn. Louie hopes to add yet another vivid color to the BIF palette.