You’re invited to the TD4Ed Community Critique!

Design critiques are an integral part of the design process. At this stage people outside the project are invited to offer feedback on and help build on the prototypes and ideas. While this is usually done in person, we realize that not all of you can come to Providence! So we want to offer all of our community members the opportunity to participate online in design critiques for our Experience Lab projects. You're invited to help us experiment with how to do that with our Teachers Design for Education (TD4Ed) project!

In TD4Ed over the past several months, we've asked teams of teachers from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Chicago, and Philadelphia to tackle a problem in education using the design thinking process. Over the course of six weeks, they explored their design challenges and came up with ideas to prototype and test in the real world.

On Saturday, June 7, at 2:30pm, we will have a TD4Ed Community Critique featuring 12 of our teams presenting their innovation solutions at the BIF offices. We invite you to come by our office to help our teams build on their ideas! Click here to RSVP and for more information.

And this will also be our first experiment with the online Community Critique process. We will be streaming live video of the presentations and running a facilitated online discussion. If you're interested in participating in the online TD4Ed Community Critique, contact me at

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