BIF Teams Up With The Kauffman Foundation

BIF is super-excited to announce that we will be teaming up with the Kauffman Foundation to help design a future-facing strategy for the Startup Champions Network.

The Kauffman Foundation is building a portfolio of work that will support and strengthen a national entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a first step, they are exploring how national networks of ecosystem builders, such as StartUp Champions, might best be positioned to help realize the Foundation's vision.

In the last five years, Startup Champions has knit together a close network of community leaders who consider themselves “ecosystem builders” — people who build the infrastructure (incubators, training programs, and investment vehicles) that accelerates entrepreneurship in their local communities. Startup Champions functions as a sharing community that helps each member get better, faster. 

To understand the potential and opportunity of such networks, the Kauffman Foundation is investing in a strategic design exercise for Startup Champions Network. The expected result will be an actionable, strategic roadmap that will define opportunities to formalize, strengthen, and advance the network as a national leader.

BIF is psyched to lead this important design and facilitation work.

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