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Seeking Transformation Within Disruption

For the past century, healthcare systems have operated under the same business model: a one-directional service delivery model that has remained largely unchanged since its inception. But the decades of success achieved both clinically and operationally have started to fray, and it is now, with fits and starts, morphing into an integrated, complex pathway of shared experiences and expectations of care. Every day, we at Business Innovation Factory (BIF) incrementally watch as emerging demographics, models of care delivery, payment structures, and omnipresent technology push on the current ways that healthcare institutions struggle to meet their operational needs and the needs of patients and families.

The upside we see? These forces of disruption are catalyzing healthcare leaders to move from a place of ‘thinking and talking’ about change to ‘doing and making’ change. Dr. David Feinberg, CEO of Geisinger Health System, is one of those leaders.

“We need to disrupt ourselves, or we will be disrupted. This idea of pilots is over, so we have to get it right and get it right quickly.” (30:40) — Dr. Feinberg


The shifting conditions within the healthcare landscape will continue to swirl around for the foreseeable future. For some, this fuzziness breeds uncertainty; but for others, they embrace this ambiguity as opportunity.

New Call-to-action

“As we navigate the ever-changing health care landscape, I believe a crucial part of my role is to nurture the innovative environment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and provide concrete opportunities for our faculty, investigators and staff to try out new ideas. From innovation units piloting new models of care to unique competitions that encourage bold thinking, and hospital-wide events that promote collaboration, I know that the answers to so many of the challenges we face in health care are right here.”—Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, President, Brigham and Women’s

With inevitable evolution on the horizon, it is imperative that institutional healthcare leaders realize they have a choice to make. Either be a driver of disruption and work towards creating new value to lead with, or be a passenger on the transformation journey of innovators and entrepreneurs willing, able, and eager to disrupt without them.

“If we don’t do it, then some drop out from Stanford in a black turtleneck is going to completely disrupt our industry. We are so ripe to be disrupted, that it is just going to happen.”—Dr. Feinberg (29:04)

The healthcare space is primed and ready for transformation to come off of the whiteboard and into the real world. The market is shaping it and consumers have begun to require it.

We empathize with the tension felt by institutional leaders between the desire to lead with transformation and the obligation to successfully operate their current business model day to day, but it is also what fuels our commitment and readiness to help healthcare leaders make it safer and easier to test, share, accelerate, and scale new value that offers something better in healthcare.

“While fee-for-value leaders may hail from other industries, it’s not too late for existing healthcare leaders to help lead the transformation. Leadership teams that embrace people instead of patients, that willingly challenge norms and do not shy away from change, are primed for innovation” — Dr. Jamo Rubin, CEO TAVHealth

The time is now.

This is the moment for leaders in Healthcare to make their choice. Leaders who choose to harness the transformation that lies within the disruption will be the catalysts of establishing the new healthcare landscape.

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