Bill Herp

Innovating Air Travel With A Marketplace Model

Q&A With Bill Herp

What attracted you to the BIF Summit?

I presented at BIF3 on our original business model, having been introduced to Saul Kaplan (BIF Co-Founder and Chief Catalyst) by Bill Taylor. To say the least, it’s pretty amazing what has transpired in the last eight years!

Tell us a just a bit about the subject of your BIF Summit story.

Entrepreneurship is a vocation — it’s not about discrete projects or even companies. Pivoting is natural for entrepreneurs, along with the evolution of ideas, opportunities, feedback, and the ever-changing landscape.

What, to you, is the value of sharing stories?

As an entrepreneur storytelling is really my main job  describing a vision and communicating it in a way that engages and energizes the investors, partners, and teammates who we need to drive our vision forward to reality.

Do you have a motto, or “words to live by”? If so, what is it?

“You can’t succeed unless you fail.” I get the most energy from engaging with interesting new problems and finding interesting new solutions to old problems, yet it’s scary to always live in the unknown. As I’ve progressed in my career as an entrepreneur, I think I’ve gotten better at seeing the potential for failure as an opportunity, not just a thing to fear.

What one thing (or more, if you like) would you like Summit attendees to know about you before they hear your story?

Like a lot of pilots, I’m afraid of heights :-)

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