Bob Cancalosi

Hard-Won Insights Gained Through Adversity

Bob Cancalosi is one of 10 executives at GE Crotonville who is responsible for the company’s $1 billion annual investment in leadership development for its global employees and strategic customers. He currently leads GE’s Customer Leadership Education team at Crotonville.

A 29-year GE veteran, Cancalosi has been a cultural transformation leader at GE Healthcare, where he lead in building a culture of boundary-less collaboration. He also lead a Leadership Simplification effort at GE Corporate.

In 2016, Cancalosi suffered a rare and aggressive brain tumor. The treatment involved massive doses of radiation that caused excruciatingly painful side effects. Cancalosi took away valuable insights about adversity from his experience. “Adversity is inevitable,” he explains. “So the question is, will you define adversity, or will it define you?”

Cancalosi has an BBA and an MBA from St. Bonaventure University and teaches executive leadership at the Kellogg and Wharton schools of business.