Jana Eggers: Bringing A Needed Human Touch to AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) will allow us to do things we haven’t done before, but Nara Logics CEO Jana Eggers cautions against seeing AI as a mysterious or subversive force.

"AI is already woven into what we do now,” Eggers says. In the present moment, we are simply catching up to our capability: “We haven’t opened up a whole new world. When we talk about AI we tend to think it’s something magical and mystical, and it’s really just a very creative algorithm. What’s really smart is figuring out which one you need for your problem.” AI’s sophisticated data analysis gives us better information, she says, so “we can spend more time thinking about the options we have.”

About Jana Eggers

Jana Eggers is president of Nara Logics in Cambridge, Mass., which uses neuroscience-based artificial intelligence to connect and make sense of big data, so it can be better used in business problem-solving.

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